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Water and sewer accounts are established at the Village Hall. The water bills are produced monthly and also include your garbage service. By clicking here you can access your Utility Account and make payments. To make a Utility Payment you can use your Name, Address or Account Number AND your PIN Number.  PIN Number is on the Upper Right Hand Side of your Utility Bill.  You may also pay by direct debit,  in person during office hours or you may use the drop box located on the West side of the building. New occupants should be directed to the Village Hall to have utility bills placed in their name.

The charges on your monthly utility bills are as follows:

Utility Bill Charges

  • Water (WA) (Up to 8,000 gallons) $36.60
  • After 8,000 gallons (Per 1,000 gallons) $3.50
  • Lake County Sewer (SW) (Per 1,000 gallons). The different rates are due to the different treatment plants used.
  • $4.994 for Deer Point and Misty Hill Subdivision which is in the North Shore Sanitary District
  • $3.67 for Cranberry Lake,  Cranberry Lake North and Ryland Homes Union Square Plus $1.50 Excess Flow Charge which is in the Fox Lake Sanitary District
  • Hainesville Sewer (SW) (Per 1,000 gallons) $.50
  • Garbage (GB) $20.20
  • Senior Garbage Rate (GB) $18.20 (Residents 65 years of age and over )

Refuse Cost & Collection Schedule

The Village of Hainesville bills single family homes for garbage and water usage on a combined bill. The bill is sent monthly. The garbage rate is for the current billing month. The monthly rate is $20.20 for residential and $18.20 for seniors (residents 65 years of age and over). The garbage collection day is Wednesday. See the Holiday Collection Schedule for more information.

Holiday Collection Schedule

In weeks when regularly scheduled waste collection is on or after a holiday, waste collection will be delayed one day. For example, if a holiday falls on a Monday, service will be delayed one day, to Thursday.

Holidays, which may affect the schedule, are New Years Day, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day and Christmas Day.

View 2017 Calendar

Paperless Utility Billing

The Village of Hainesville is happy to announce that we are going green!  You will now have the ability to enroll in e-billing for your utility account!  Please click HERE to fill out the e-billing authorization agreement.  You can return the completed form by dropping it off, mailing the form to the Village of Hainesville, 100 Hainesville Road, or you can email the form to Kelly Hensley at kellyhensley@hainesville.org.

 Automatic Debit Payment For Utility Bills

Click here for an application to enroll in the automatic debit program.

Terms and Conditions

Automatic Debit Commencement

Your automatic debit service will be operational and your required payment will be taken from the account you designated on the due date of your next bill. Your bill will indicate that it is being paid by auto-debit when this service is activated.

Record of Payment

Your bank statement will indicate the amount and date of your automatic payment. Retain this record of proof of payment for future reference regarding your billing. If a question arises regarding your payment of the amount differs from your bill, you must notify us and your financial institution within sixty (60) days of the date of the questioned statement. Your financial institution will advise you of rights concerning the error.

Availability of Funds

You are responsible for having enough money in the account you designated on the payment due date. You are responsible for any fees associated with non-sufficient funds. The Village of Hainesville charges $25.00 for non-sufficient funds; your financial institution may also have a charge for non-sufficient funds. Automatic Debit authorization may be cancelled if two payments are returned in a 12 month period.

Payment Date

Funds will be taken from the designated account on the due date listed on the monthly statement you receive. Payment due date is on the 10th of each month unless the 10th falls on a Wednesday or weekend then the due date would be the next business day.


Your services will remain active and in effect unless the Village of Hainesville receives 30 days written notice of cancellation. Every effort will be made to honor requests. In any event, upon written request automatic debit service will be cancelled as soon as possible.

Contact Information
Return completed authorization agreements to the following address:

Village of Hainesville
Attn: Utility Department
100 North Hainesville Road
Hainesville, IL 60030

Authorization agreements can be mailed in, dropped off in person or dropped off in the Village drop box. All individuals that are on the designated account must sign the agreement. Unsigned agreements will not be processed and will be returned back to you.

Please be aware of the following charges for past due bills:
A 10% late charge penalty is assessed on the unpaid current month’s charges on the day after the bill is due.
– If your Past Due Amount is not paid by the 30th of the month, a Final Notice will be mailed and a $50.00 service fee will be added to your amount due.
– If your Past Due Amount, penalties and fees are not paid within eight days of the Final Notice of Water Shut Off, a $50.00 shut off penalty will be added to your amount due when personnel are dispatched to disconnect service. The shut off fee will increase by $50.00 per occurrence during any calendar year not to exceed $150.00. This fee, along with any previous balance, penalties and fees must be paid prior to resumption of service. The amount due must be paid with cash, certified check, money order or credit card. Personal checks are NOT accepted after service is disconnected.
– A $25.00 return check fee will apply to all returned checks. Returned checks must be replaced with cash, certified check, money order or credit card within 30 days of the written demand letter date. After three return checks within any twelve month period, the Village of Hainesville will only accept payment in the form of cash, certified check, money order or credit card for a period of twelve consecutive months.
The Village of Hainesville must impose these additional fees to defray the cost for final notices and water shut-offs so that delinquent customers, and not all customers pay these costs.

Hardship payment plans are available, please call the Village 847-223-2032 for more information.