Public Safety/EMA

Emergency: 911

Grayslake Police and Fire Round Lake Fire

Grayslake Police Department Non-Emergency: 847-223-2341
Grayslake Request for service link:

The Grayslake Police Department is located at 10 S. Seymour Avenue in Grayslake.

As of June 29, 2010, the Village of Hainesville has contracted the Grayslake Police Department to provide all police, law enforcement and public safety related services to Hainesville.  Grayslake will have the authority to enforce all Hainesville municipal ordinances and well as any other State and Federal laws.

Grayslake Fire Department: 847-986-3020

Greater Round Lake Fire Protection District: 847-546-6001

The Village of Hainesville is provided fire protection and emergency services through both the Grayslake Fire Department and the Greater Round Lake Fire Protection District.




In the event of a disaster, be it man made or natural, the Emergency Management Agency (EMA) under the direction of our EMA Coordinator would implement our Emergency Operations Plan (EOP).

Emergency Management is responsible for developing an emergency preparedness plan to coordinate all available resources for any foreseeable emergency or disaster such as storms, hazardous materials incidents, etc. Emergency Management provides coordination and acts as a liaison between local government, state and federal agencies during disasters & emergencies.

The Village of Hainesville is committed to keeping the resident’s safe and out of harms ways.  We will also inform our residents on the issues pertaining to the safety that arise within our community.  We encourage our residents to contact us, through the Village website at, if they have any safety concerns or to report a safety issue.